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How the 405 Dispensary Came To BE

Hello Ladies & Gents, how about a little history on how The 405 Speakeasy Dispensary came to be? My sister and I have traveled all over this great nation and we both find the era of the prohibition and the history of our great nation fascinating. Having already approached a very dear friend to ask if she would be interested to be apart of this endeavor, I then ask my sister to be apart of the team as well. The concept of bringing a Speakeasy to Oklahoma to celebrate the legalization of cannabis was brilliant. Even with the idea, the concept and branding that came along with it all was amazing. After months of renovations, hard work from friends/family, we opened our doors 3 weeks ago. Now, we have the first and only Speakeasy Dispensary in the State of OK.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Meet the Owners

Left to right: April Garner Owner/Operator, Cherea Golden Owner/COO, Janice Craig Owner/Operator

Pictured Left to Right: Dewey Craig / Owner & Janice Craig Owner / Operator